Dr. Kristin Olson Palmer, PMP (Project Management), RYT (Yoga Teacher), MLC (Life Coach)

What life do you wish for? I lead a messy, magnificent life. I have been incredibly lucky and I'm very grateful.

Some Accomplishments

    • Studied and graduated (RIT), then again (Stanford), and again (Project Management Professional), and again (Doctorate), and again (Registered Yoga Teacher), and again (Online Teaching Certificate), and again (Harvard), and again (Certified Life Coach), and again (Master Certified Life Coach).

    • International speaker and thought leader in online education, global educational outreach, and community of inquiry (CoI).

    • Published six books on how to scale an educational outreach program to create lasting economic impact and promote gender equality in Africa based on an outreach program which has now generated over 35,000 scholarships and reached learners in every African nation.

    • Built a house! We spent six years from the time we bought the land working with different designers and builders and now we live in our dream home.

    • Worked at some amazing companies - Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Disney and University of Virginia.

    • Bicycled south to north in the USA and west to east in Canada. I still remember seeing the Great Lakes and realizing I had BIKED there.

    • Foreign exchange student in the Netherlands (high school) and the Czech Republic (college).

    • World traveler - sailed down the Nile, took a train (3rd class) across India, climbed in the Himalayas, and relaxed on white sand beaches in the South Pacific.